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New Prospect Academic Incubator (NPAI) partners with adult learners and underrepresented individuals in Greater Cincinnati who are interested in becoming software developers. Then, we help learners with the attitude and aptitude for coding to find intensive training programs that teach participants the skills needed to become a developer in 8 to 10 weeks. All of the programs that we recommend have at least a 95% post-training job placement rate.

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Developing software can be a major challenge. You must enjoy solving problems with an unique blend of mathematical reasoning and non-linear creativity. Engineering software is a skill, and just like any other skill, you need practice. Before you begin any training, it is important to figure out if coding is for you. Here are some basic interactive learning resources to get started: &

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Writing code requires that you have a solid understanding of higher level mathematics. Individuals who excel at statistics, algebra, and calculus will most likely find it easier to learn the basics of software development. You can evaluate your abilities by taking this free applied math assessment

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There are currently 125,000 software developer position openings posted on the digital job board, Indeed. On average, developers earn an annual salary of $99,530 according to U.S. News. Furthermore, you do not need a Computer Science Degree to get one of these jobs. Thousands of learners are hired out of two to three month software developer training programs each year. Check out these post on Quora to learn more.

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To get started on your path to a new career, please contact us: or 513.623.8422